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Canoe the Caney Fork River for a great day of river fun and fishing! At Canoe the Caney, we have canoe rentals for any occasion. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, camping, and picnicking! Our canoe rentals offer a wide variety for many different personalities. If you are in the Caney Fork area and you are looking for a fun day of fishing, relaxing, or romance; canoe the Caney Fork River with the professionals at Canoe the Caney.

We make canoe rentals easy! We offer many different types of canoe adventures. Our staff will go over our canoeing options and once you decide what canoe trip you would like; we will take you and your group to the Caney Fork River drop off location. Whether you choose to do our half day or full day, at the end of your rental we will be there to pick you up and take you back to your vehicle. We have fishing supplies that include fishing poles, fishing bait, minnows, night crawlers and many other supplies.

If canoeing the Caney means a romantic outing for you, then we have just what you need. At Canoe the Caney, we offer a picnic package which includes a packed lunch and some other romantic bonuses. If there is something else you might be interested in, let us know; it's very possible we can accommodate your interests. Our customers come first, so we make every effort to make sure you have a great day!

We love canoeing and we strive to make it fun for everyone. Luckily, the river does its part in making the trip memorable. The scenery on the Caney Fork is absolutely gorgeous. Just stop in our canoe location to see pictures of the beautiful river, including pictures of the fishing and picnicking areas. Again, we try to make it easy for you to have the best day possible. We provide the canoe, paddles, life jackets, and other bonuses depending on which package you choose.

There is nothing like being outside in a beautiful natural setting with nature surrounding you. The sound of the water flowing by you and the sun breaking through the trees is enough to make you want to close your eyes and just breathe in your surroundings. It is the perfect excuse to turn off your cell phone, leave your laptop at home, and just relax as nature surrounds you. So give us a call or stop by Canoe the Caney for a great day of fun on the Caney Fork River!